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Have I ever told you the story of how the idea to teach yoga in companies first came to me?

Hello all, 

Have I ever told you the story of how the idea to teach yoga in companies first came to me?  In 1999 I graduated from university with a degree in International Business Communication, that is to say, Language Studies (French & Spanish), Business & I.T.  

At the age of 21 I really didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life. What I enjoyed most in my degree was the humanities  aspects in our Spanish, Latin American & French studies. 

I took an unusual side step, I  applied to the JET programme  to teach English in schools in Japan and when I was accepted, decided it was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.  I had 3 words of Japanese on arriving in Tokyo. I lived in a small Japanese house in a village called Yamanokuchi which means Mouth of the Mountain. The village was about the same size as my home village in Ireland. I felt as if Life had lifted me up & transplanted me in a similar place yet  one with a very different environment, culture & language. 

There I taught English in the local schools & the Japanese children were a joy to teach.  On Fridays I worked at the local town hall. It was here that I believe the idea first took form. 

Once a week, the employees met on the outside carpark wearing suits & ties to do a form of yoga or chi kong following the recorded instructions on the loud speaker.  This was one of the many sights that amused me in Japan. Others include: the teeth-washing ritual  for the whole school to music that lasts 3 minutes, the toilet with an in-built wash hand basin to save water…

When I returned to Dublin one year later I began working for a large telecommunications company. A progressive corporate company with a gym and many other benefits including Yoga after work.  

At that time I was neither spiritual nor sporty. I went to an ashtanga class and I fell in love with Yoga.  That night I slept like a baby. I had found what my body, mind AND soul needed. 

I continued to practice & when I moved to Bordeaux in 2003 I decided to investigate doing a teacher training course to deepen my personal practice and to be able to practice independently every day.   I found exactly what I was looking for at the Centered Yoga Institute in Thailand with Paul Dallaghan & successfully completed a foundation Teacher Training course in Ashtanga in 2006. 

I created Yogavita in 2010  with yoga at work classes in Ceva Santé Animale.  Employees benefited from the choice of 4 yoga classes in one day, at lunch time & after work. 

This first experience teaching yoga in the workplace gave me greater insight into what people in the workplace needed. Ashtanga can be quite demanding and is not suitable for everyone. 

This prompted me to do a teacher training with Yogi Babacar Khane at the International Institute of Yoga and also regular retreats with anatomy in movement specialists , Yoga teachers & doctors, Nicolas & Marie Christine Leberre.

9 years later, my path continues, practicing and teaching yoga, notably in the workplace with regular yoga classes & interventions both in English & in French. 

Today I propose to bring a wide palette of yoga techniques that are specifically adapted to the problems & needs of modern day man, specifically through yoga at work programmes and yoga interventions. 

We can apply spiritual teachings to all walks of life.

For example, when the inner world evolves, the outer world reflects this reality. By taking care of employees, we also take care of the well-being of the company. 

We create our future from the present moment. An employee who is calm, centered  & confident will create a different result to a stressed employee. 

In companies I  teach Yogi Babacar Khane's method at the International Institute of Yoga
This method is a synthesis of 3 great forms of yoga:   

Indian Yoga, Egyptian Yoga & Chinese Taoist Yoga - Internal styles of Kung Fu and Ch'i Kong.  

The beauty of this approach is that it is perfectly adapted to modern man's needs & problems.  

This form of yoga is open to all, even beginners.  

You do not even need to be flexible to start ! :)

Key themes

Stress management

Chair Yoga

Stay in shape: Yoga for strength, flexibility & balance

Relieve stomach pain (the second brain)

Take care of your back, cervical spine, shoulders

Improve your seated posture

Yoga to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia

Yoga for tiredness

Yoga to prevent or heal low back pain

Yoga to prevent or heal sciatica

Yoga to strengthen & revitalize your back & legs

Yoga for high/low blood pressure

Yoga to preserve health & well-being in daily life

Yoga for healthy organs

Yoga & Breathing techniques to « take-away »

Yoga to recharge yor batteries 

Yoga to improve concentration

Yoga for team building 

Would you like to know more ?

Have a good week  !  

Tracey Farrell

Professeur de yoga 

Bilingue anglais-français 


Depuis 2010 les salariés de ces entreprises, structures et écoles ont pu profiter des pauses bien-être pour se ressourcer et se détendre grâce au Yoga.

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