vendredi 24 janvier 2014


Time is flying by these days, with so much to do.
The simple things in life bring beauty to a busy day.
A hot shower
Warm hands washing dishes listening to bbc radio 4
Warm clothes, a walk in nature, music
Incense, and a burning candle - my fireplace.
It’s the simple things in life.

mardi 14 janvier 2014

Vacances Yoga sur l'ile Grecque d'Amorgos

Voila les informations sur les vacances yoga en Grèce en français.

Je suis enthousiaste à transmettre le fruit de mes études et pratiques avec Nicolas et Marie Christine Leberre:médecins retraités et adeptes de yoga depuis 40 ans et Babacar Kane qui a réalisé une synthèse unique entre le HATHA YOGA indien, le YOGA égyptien et le YOGA chinois (KUNG FU). Il a collaboré avec d’importantes personnalités du monde médical, notamment des gérontologues, des rhumatologues et des psychiatres. Cela l’a amené à élaborer une pédagogie particulièrement adaptée aux besoins et aux problèmes de l’homme d’aujourd’hui.

Les cours, dispensés en anglais et français , sont ouvert à tous les niveaux.Réservez votre place avant le 31 Janvier 2014.

jeudi 9 janvier 2014

Yoga en famille - Centre d’animation St Pierre- Wednesday 7th

One girl who hardly spoke before christmas arrives full of chat, full of joy  and play! Everybody notices, like  a new person! She is much more open and relaxed in the group. One young boy who has  a talent for languages arrives saying «Happy New Year». Later when we bring our awareness to the ears- both japanese and spanish translations are given,the parents are pleasantly surprised ! We talk about what ears are for? One girl replied - we listen to them, then corrects herself we listen- hear with them! What sounds do you hear in the morning? Varying versions of alarm clocks, babies crying, the school bell are delivered «avec brillance» .We  take hold of our neighbours ear and massage it gently. Relaxing and fosters connection. We go from popcorn seeds in balasana gently cooking to expansion as we jump up with open arms and legs.To finish we lie on our belly  doing  superman or superwoman (for the ladies) raising one arm, one leg and gently «landing» lying down with one cheek on the floor. Success! the children are startng to observe and feel the postures, They says «aaahh this feels good» «Its relaxing» !As everybody leaves at 18.30  one boy has a special request to do one more posture as I ring the bell.I agree. He sits in balasana head resting fwd and listens to the gentle soothing sound of th small bell. He sits up satisfied and relaxed. Heart-touching.