jeudi 26 septembre 2013

Your thoughts create your day, your life!

All that happens outside is a reflection of your inner thoughts, if you have many fear thoughts and negativity, this will manifest itself as an event in your life. I have experienced this, let's say more than once. Just becoming aware of it invites change. This is why yoga, meditation, self-responsability, mindfulness and positive thoughts are so vital to overcome old negative tendencies, which may be deep. A phrase that I used alot in my language days, repetition creates emphasis.

mardi 24 septembre 2013

An indian summer just outside Bordeaux

Cycling out of the city
Thirsty for nature

At the forest opening I walk

This is too beautiful to pass by quickly

Varying shades of light, of green 

Smell of the earth

Romancing butterflies swirling upwards
An indian summer just outside Bordeaux

Cancer Awareness Week-Yoga with Tracey

Yogavita news September

Dear all,

It's back to yoga time.  I often meet people who say "yoga is not for me" " j'ai besoin de me défouler" which in english could translate as "i need to let off steam". 

I'd like to point out the difference: Yoga is centripetal force (from Latin centrum "center" and petere "to seek)  that which is directed towards the centre. As opposed to some sporting actitives for example running , which are centrifugal: Moving or directed away from a center (from Latin centrum "center" and fugere "to flee"). It depends on what you are looking for.

As of September 2013 I am delighted to be teaching Yoga in English  in two new spaces. 
On Mondays at the Keep A Breast foundation- A dynamic organisation that promotes cancer awareness and prevention through art,education, awareness and action. 
On Wednesdays at the Centre d'animation St Pierre- It's just behind the Utopia cinema.

Every Wednesday from 6pm-630pm I will teach a "discovery"children and parent yoga workshop (children from 4-11). This workshop is in association with the centre d'animation and is free of charge! 

This week it's Cancer Awareness Week . In association with Cancer Support France I will be teaching a yoga class on Sunday 29th . Yoga can be a complementary therapy to reduce stress levels and bring about feelings of well being and enhance the quality of life, through breath, postures, visualisations and relaxation.All the details are on the attached flyer.

I look forward to practicing together.


mardi 17 septembre 2013

Discover children and parent yoga workshop

I will be teaching a discovery Yoga for children and parents workshop every wednesday from 6pm to 630pm. This workshop is  in association with the Centre d'animation St Pierre who have provided a wonderful central and light space (just behind the Utopia cinema) and it is free ! Thank you for spreading the word!

lundi 16 septembre 2013


"Asana : to be firmly established in a happy space"- Pattabi Jois. 
I am firmly established in a happy space
This "asana" can be a life posture.

dimanche 15 septembre 2013

Do you experience anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia? Meet morning Uddiyana Bhanda !

I woke up just before 6am. I have taken to the habit of opening wide the doors which open on to a small balcony. I lie back down in bed, warm under the covers. I can see the stars shining in the dark sky. I do Uddiyana Banda upward flying force, a good 20 to thirty times, and a 5 element visualisation relaxation, opening my eyes every now and again to keep an eye on the stars. 
Why am I telling you this? If you experience anxiety, depression, emotional imbalance, insomnia? ..If so,  Uddiyana bhanda is a wonderful tool. The stomach, the "2nd brain" will thank you for it.
Later in the morning as I walk to the Laundry, a small girl giggles on the street. She «hides» bedind a lamp-post on her grandmother. Her 2 shoulders and feet clearly jutting out. She giggles. This warms the bottom of my heart and perhaps my stomach , I smile deeply. 
I look forward to practicing together!
Yoga in English
Lundi 20h - 21h15
à Keep A Breast, 23 rue du Ruat, 33000, Bordeaux

Mercredi 8h30-9h45 et 19h-20h15
au Centre d’animation St Pierre, 4 rue du Mulet, 33000, Bordeaux

Cours d’essai : 5/Cours à l’unité : 15/Carte 10 séances : 130 Inscription à l'année : 340 € 

samedi 14 septembre 2013

A perfect Yoga teacher, non! Perfect effort, oui !

I spoke with a mum at the Centre D’animation St  Pierre just before the yoga for children and parents workshop. She talked about her and her daugter’s anxiety. I inquired about her  profession, she’s a florist. She explained that it’s not all a bed of roses! 
I smiled and said the the same thing about being a yoga teacher on a spiritual journey. I haven’t expressed  a lot about the difficult periods, or I tend to lighten or colour a story.
This past while I have experienced  a lot of anxiety. Just before the rentrée  deep sciatic pain arose. A while back I would have panicked and thought «what sort of yoga teacher am I» The anxious period had caused me to do too much, too fast , I ignored my limits: confusion and stress built up. I needed to remind myself to be compassionate and loving to myself first and foremost. That didn’t come easy. Gentle reminders every now and again.
Being a yoga teacher does not mean we are perfect.  Fortunately though we do have the gift of yoga postures, breath and we develop the tendency to observe all that comes up. Knowing deep down, this is not who we really are.  Knowing it’s a manifestation of the ego thoughts, emotions, old memories, family fears. I read on a yogi tea one morning, there’s no such thing as perfect, only perfect effort. 
I cut down on sugar and coffee, concentrated on yoga poses for sciatica, breath and visualisations to heal. I also referenced «le grand dictionnaires des maladies» which more or less summed up exactly what emotions , thoughts were causing the sciatica. I am concious of my fears, limits. Just becoming concious will allow them to evaporate, little by little, know that they are just thoughts generating emotion. 
Breathe, long, slow , deep breaths and know deep down that all is ok. I am releasing the pain in my backside!
I am advancing in life slowly and gently. Listening in, remaining connected to the self.I continue my spiritual readings and repeat affirmations daily, trusting  that the seeds of hard physical, mental and spiritual work will come to bloom.  Sending  positive uplifting messages to my subconcious through words and images. The subconcious is a both a source of old pattenss and a blueprint for wisdom, creativity and love. I direct my attention to the latter. Meditating with breath and heart awareness, opening the heart -mind channel to wonderful change.
I am delighted to be teaching in new places in bordeaux and excited about all that is to come.
A quote and comment from Sri Ramakrishna, the great Bengali master of the nineteenth century, when asked why we suffer, poignantly replied: “To add zest to the [Divine] play.” In classic works of comedy, from Shakespeare to the Marx Brothers, things get darkest before the dawn. 
Hail the dawn !

vendredi 13 septembre 2013

Your outer world reflects your Inner world

Today Friday 13th, a friend sent  me a mesage telling of some strange encounters. Indeed they were so random and strong, my reply was obvious:  observe and meditate upon what you encouter in your daily life, your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Who am I? There’s a nice light question for the weekend! Bon weekend!