lundi 29 septembre 2014

First day of Yoga at School in Floirac

A group of bright, friendly children introduced themselves, particularly delighted when i asked them to take off their socks and shoes! As we sat down in a circle I explained the most important thing is that they ground down through their sitting bones and  keep a straight back-  we sat crouched for a moment and all agreed that we didn’t feel great,then  grounding through the sitting bones, straightening the spine , we confidently started the lesson.

Breath and movement, name game, sun salutation, balasana,  dogs, crabs, a plane that took us to ireland and back, rest,cheek to the earth, we listen to our heart beat. In Cobra, some remark how good the posture feels, in resting budda « oh this feels great, i’m going to do this at home»; We finished with a very short guided relaxation, rolled over on to our tummies and coloured mandalas, to finish in beauty, and in silence!

As I left the accueil, I overheard the children talking «elle est tres gentille la dame»  «elle nous a dis de ne pas parler» « c’est le principe de la relaxation»  
I smiled. Santosha