vendredi 18 octobre 2013

Y o g a I n E n g l i s h Sunday Sessions

Yogavita October News

I grew up surrounded by many women, 3 sisters , my mother,  my mother’s 8 sisters  and many ,many female cousins. I remember observing how diets or talking about diets seemed to take up a lot of time and thinking there must be another way.Life is surely not about being on a diet?  They were of course and are all beautiful.  
Bien sûr I followed suit, tried all the diets going and even when I was 8 kilos lighter than I am today still wasn’t satisfied. At one stage I remember thinking I’ll start teaching yoga when I’m 4 kilos lighter. Good job I didn’t wait! 

«You look awful» «you look so fat»  «who would be interested in listening to me» « I want this dinner to be so perfect I’m really stressed and anxious (so stresed and anxious that I forget how to enjoy myself)», « I  will be happier when i’m 4 kilos lighter»

These are the kind of words we wouldn’t say to our worst enemy, and yet we sometimes hear our own inner crticical ego-mind  come up with these thoughts towards ourselves! 

Can you imagine the effect of these thoughts on our well-being? On our relationships with others? The only person handing out punishment is the ego -mind. Having experienced this on my own spiritual healing journey and sensing that I’m far  from alone  on this one, I’d like to share what brings me  improved well-being:

Today I prefer to direct my thoughts and energy to acceptance, self-love, and allowing myself to enjoy  life whilst still striving to improve myself little by little. .
The more  loving and accepting we become of ourselves, the more loving and accepting we are of others :non judgment, non rejection.

Observe your thoughts? If negative thoughts come up , know that you have the same capacity to come up with an equally wonderful positive thought, as Yogi Khane points out «it’s the same price». In sanskrit Patanjali calls this pratipaksha bhavana. Positive thinking can bring us to an elevated place of calm and serenitiy. Surely we would  want what is best for ourselves, as we would for our children and loved ones.Acknowledge the progress you’ve made in life, congratulate yourself. Be compassionate and gentle with yourself.

Don’t turn a blind eye either , be mindful of your thoughts and behaviour, be open to admitting something that no longer works. Open to changing and evolving to being a happier human being. Loving ourselves, we seek  less that aceptance from the outside, having discovered it inside. Know that you have so so much to give, share and receive.

Be in the present moment, breathe, relax and enjoy what you do. Whatever you are doing enjoy it . Improved self -esteem comes with the feeling of having done one’s best, that is all we can ever do. Whilst still being open to improvement and evolving. It’s a tricky one !Perhaps the pressure comes from wanting «outer» acceptance and recognition, to be loved in the  belief thet if we are «perfect» , whatever that is? we will then have the «right» to be loved. A load of codswollop!(my irishness creeping in in expressive delight) Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly! That is perfection!

Spend time in Nature to recoonect to your true nature.Massage your feet with gentle loving thoughts.
Do yoga , time and space to reconnect with the Self
Calm your mind
Improve your breath awareness and breathing and bring the benefits to your daily life
Do physical postures mindfully by making a positive connection with oneself through the attention you give to your body in the posture and your breath
Do postures  asanas with enthuasiasm to fortify your muscles, ligaments and tendons.
Do Chi Kong and Egyptian Yoga techniques to be grounded, improve inner energy circulation, and strengthen the body.
Do heart opening postures postures and breathe from your heart centre. Heart higher than head to realign with your heart’s desires.
Discover your creative power to change  through affirmations, visualisation  and relaxation.

To quote Desiderata « like the stars and the mountains, you too are children of the universe, be gentle with yourselves, strive to be happy»

I look forward to practicing yoga together.


jeudi 10 octobre 2013

Yoga for children and parents workshop @ Centre d'animation St Pierre - registrations completed, this workshop is full!

What a pleasant surprise! A Full house .The "rentreé" takes  time. 14 children and parents came to do Yoga this evening at the Centre d'Animation St Pierre. Movement, fast first , then slow. Body awareness, expression. One little boy asked me "tu est de quelle langue? " english, spanish, french. They laughed a lot when in dog posture they raise their leg to do a pee, they listened to their hearts beating , their belly rising and falling against the earth. A joy!    
Ps I was too busy managing the group to take photos- coming soon!

dimanche 6 octobre 2013

Unknown, open, fluid

Clinging on to labels, judgments, beliefs 
Comfortable, narrow, rigid
What if beyond there were so much more
Less comfortable
A whole world of love and possibility blossoms.
Unknown, open, fluid


vendredi 4 octobre 2013

Courage du Coeur

Dans des situation exigeantes de la vie: Courage "racine du Coeur". Observe, accepte , adapte.  Regardez les passer, sachant que tout change, tout le temps. Comme la tempête hier soir à bordeaux, elle est venue, elle est partie.    Respire, Médite, tu sais au fond que ce n'est pas Toi.

mercredi 2 octobre 2013

Chandelier - Egyptian Yoga

One of the fundamental poses of egyptian yoga is  «Le Chandelier» or Attitude of KA. 

Ka is the symbol of vital essence. This resembles the concept of spirit in other religions. The translation in English would be Candelabrum, or KA. The cross in «chandelier « symbolizes not suffering and duality but rather Victory and a return to Unity. 

Physical Benefits: Re-education and strengthening of back, shoulders, respiratory re-education, pranayama(abdominal, costal , clavicular). Wonderful posture for a school- work break!