dimanche 26 avril 2020

Yoga break at home, video 4, to help you to cultivate inner stability, power & calm in less 5 minutes..

Hello all,

With current " lockdown"  conditions (soon post lockdown) I have prepared a new video suggestion for you, a yoga break at home  in less than in 5 minutes !. 

Today I share 2 yoga poses that help to cultivate inner stability, power & calm: Downward facing dog & Child’s pose.

This yoga break is ideal for those who are « teleworking » & /or who are taking care of children at home so may not have much « free » time, for the moment.

Why not take a yoga break for 5 minutes once or twice a day to breathe, restore balance & relax?

You can also do this yoga break with your children at home. I think they will watch you & then do as you do. Or they might do the downward dog pose & it is you that will follow ! ? 

Do feel free to let me know how it goes. Also if you have any questions on yoga, stress management, well-being, do send me a message/email and I’ll do my best to answer- propose a solution in my next yoga at home video.


*Calms the brain & helps relieve stress
*Energizes the body
*Strengthens the arms & legs
*Stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves & hands
*Improves concentration
*Relieves back pain, headaches & fatigue

Take care & see you soon,


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